Award for Prof. Rafi Freund

The prize is awarded once a year to connect the Geological Society wrote an excellent connection in geology, which was published during the three years preceding the date the award. The award is named for Professor Raphael Freund Memorial served as a teacher at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was a guide and a leader in many and varied geology of the Land of Israel. prize is awarded by the prize committee consisting of four members and the President which serves also as Chairman of the Committee. Committee members elected for two years during the general meeting of shareholders geology. every member of the company may offer connecting or connecting another member as a candidate for the award. prize committee members are not permitted to apply for the prize. 

Recommendations for the award, please contact to the incumbent president . 

List of recipients of the Geological Society in the name of Prof. Rafi Freund Memorial


   Abraham Strinsky and true Katz                                                        In 2012


In 2011

Ari and Naomi Porat cache


In 2010

Vladimir Liihovsky


In 2009

Rivka Amit, Yehuda Ansel, David Sharon


In 2008

Alon Ziv


In 2007

Amotz Agnon, Shmuel Marco


In 2006

Alan Matthews


In 2005

Gideon Steinitz, Benny Begin, Naama Gazit - Yaari


In 2004

David Sudri


In 2003

Meters. Weinberger


In 2002

By. Wise


In 2001

From. Bar-Matthews, A.. Ayalon, a. Kaufman


In 2000

By. Sneh, Y.. Bartov, I.. Weisbrod, m. Rosensaft


In 1999

Tuesday. Jack. Hall


In 1997

A. Corals - and


In 1996

M. Ridge


In 1995

A. Dovrovskina


In 1994

From. Stein


In 1991

The. Kolodny


In 1990

C. Bar


In 1989

By. Bain


In 1987

Million. Ron, Czech. Garfunkel


In 1986

The. Ben-Tor


In 1985

The. Rothstein, Czech. Ben - Abraham


In 1984

M. Rice


In 1983

A. France


In 1982

A. Six


In 1981

: A. Horowitz


In 1980

D. Age, d. Alabaster


In 1979

That. Gross