Award for Dr. Peretz Grader

Peretz Grader Prize is awarded by the Israel Geological Society to encourage the Geological Survey of IsraelDrPeretz Grader late was a member of the Israel Geological Society and Petroleum used as an office development and was director of the Geological Institute of PetroleumDr. Grader perished in a plane crash in Iran during the work. Award can be connected to the Geological Society a young age of 36 years and who published original geological work during the past two yearsjudges of the prize are the president or vice Geological Society, Geology Department Director or his representative at the Hebrew University and director of the Geological Survey or his representative

Recommendations for the award, please contact to the incumbent president .

   List of recipients named Dr. Peretz Grader late


   Navot Morag                                                                                             In 2012


In 2011

Ron Price


In 2010

Itay Reznik


In 2009

Liran Goren


In 2008

Shades Vigoda - Byrne


In 2007

Roi Granot, Adi Torpstein


In 2006

Ronnie primordial


In 2005

Orit Sivan, Adva Avital


In 2004

Alyssa connection with Kagan


In 2003

A. Wax, N.. Waldman


In 2002

The. Bartov, d. Glick


In 2001

In. Hillman, J.. Hmiel


In 2000

A. Sagi, m. Tsesarsky


In 1999

N.. Eldest


In 1998

From. Abelson, c. Hyacinth


In 1997

's. Abramowitz, M. Gvirtzman


In 1996

N.. Toits


In 1995

A. Becker, S.. Horowitz


In 1994

Meters. Weinberger


In 1993

Meters. Calvo


In 1992

The. Harlven


In 1991

That. Marco


In 1990

Million. Gvirtzman, a. Screw


In 1989

A. Agnon, p. Wise


In 1988

A. Gabrieli


In 1987

D. Kempler, a. Sun


In 1986

D. Avigad


In 1985

Meters. Path


In 1984

C. Dill


In 1983

From. Bilski


In 1982

Million. Benyamini


In 1981

D. Boonen


In 1980

To. Buchbinder, d. Frank


In 1979

By. Silberman


In 1977

In. M. Begin g. Ridge


In 1976

Czech. Ben - Abraham, J.. They


In 1975

The. Druckman


In 1973

The. Levi


In 1972

The. Kolodny


In 1971

A. Crystal, a. Rural


In 1968

A. Lerman, a. Aharoni


In 1967

A. Six, J.. Given


In 1966

The. Winked, Czech. Garfunkel


In 1962

To. Heller - Clay, R.. Freund