Honorary Members and Recipients of Medals

Honorary Members of the Geological Society


Honorary membership conferred friend Geological Society whose remarkable contribution to the field of earth science or Scientific or technological close area.

 List of Honorary Members of the Israel Geological Society



 Degree Recipients Honorary Member


  Aaron Horowitz


  Heller Kalai, Moses Brown


  John K.. Hall




 Israel Zack


 Moshe Eyal


 Dan Yaalon


 Dov Ginsburg, a. Ginsburg, David Niv


 Yossi Bartov


 A. Kshai


 Zeev Rice


 Emanuel Mazor


 A. Glick


 By. Forman, Jacob Ben-Tor


 A. France, h. Lvengrt, Leo Picard


 From. Avnimelech, j. Coates, m.Goldschmidt


Geological Society Medal

Geological Society gives annually citation to a friend or friends who contributed to the three years preceding Granting score outstanding contribution in the field of geology for society. 

Areas of activity which is awarded They score public settings, including the formal education system and non - formal operations in Environmental organizations and planning. It also includes conservation initiatives geological sites and writing science Popular geological issues.

Judging committee for the medal consists of three members, including a president who is also chairman of the committee.


List Geological Society Medal recipients


 Medal Recipients


 July Zaslavsky


 Emanuel Mazor


 Avi Shapira


 Akiva Fllachsr


 Hanan Ginat


 Nir Orion