about us

Israel Geological Society is a nonprofit organization founded in 1954. Aims to bind its members to discuss facts and current issues in the field of earth science, earth science promotion in general and Israel in particular.

Geological Society membership is open to anyone interested in geology and in science and technology.

The organization brings together all involved in various aspects of Earth Science in Israel where members of Academic institutions, research institutes and civil organizations and other institutions.

The principal activities of the Geological Society are:

- annual conference , which takes place every year is what to show and discuss various topics of the scientific Land by way of lectures, poster session and tours. 

- "Earth Science Day", which are raised current issues in the field of earth sciences that have Public interest. 

- Awards for outstanding work in the field of earth sciences and citations for Action Professional and contribution to society in the earth sciences. 

Geological Society is run by volunteer each year to elect the overall president, vice president and several members . 

The The organization operations are financed by annual dues of members, the support of institutions and donations of Different bodies.